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Shift Up For Rwanda e.V. supports English lessons in Rwanda

We are pleased to inform you about a great new initiative of Shift Up For Rwanda e.V.: the newly organized English classes in Rwanda. This important step lays an essential foundation for the future of the children and young people we are helping.

English is not only the world’s number one language, but also an important qualification for a better education and career opportunities. Especially in a country like Rwanda, which is becoming increasingly internationally networked, learning English is crucial for the personal and professional development of young people. Through our local initiative, we are creating a basis for the future of children and young people and enabling them to take part in international cycling races and other global events.

After a few kids from the TLCA applied for an international race and were turned down due to their lack of English skills, we realized that we could take action. After consulting with Florent, our man on the ground, we were able to find a committed teacher in a short space of time. Mutayomba Innocent from Uganda is an English teacher, fully committed and has a heart for kids. He started by teaching a handful of motivated children from the Twin Lake Cycling Academy (TCLA). After the interest was so great, we quickly decided to also take on board cycling enthusiasts who are not part of the TLCA.

The enthusiasm and willingness of the young people to participate show us how important and right this step is. We are convinced that these English lessons will have a lasting positive impact on the lives of these young people. Not only will they be able to connect better with the world, but their chances of successfully participating in international competitions and being accepted into further education programs will increase significantly.

It fills us with joy and confidence to see the beaming faces and eagerness of the young people as they sit in class and work hard to learn English. We receive pictures every lesson, the number of kids is growing and as you can see, the first signs of progress can already be seen.

We thank you, our members and supporters, from the bottom of our hearts for your continued help and commitment. Without your contributions and support, this project would not be possible. Together we are making a real difference in the lives of many young people in Rwanda.

Stay tuned for more updates and success stories from our projects. We will continue to keep you informed of progress and developments.

With best regards,

Your team from Shift Up For Rwanda e.V.